Random ELF quotes:

“I Love the way you make me like an idiot just by staring at your picture”

“Only ELFs spell ‘Believe’ as 13elieve and ‘promise’ as Prom15e “

“Beside my birthday there is another special date in a year, November 6”

“ELF= My family, Sapphire Blue= my blood, Super Junior= my oxygen.”

“There are only two times I want to be with Oppas, Now and Forever”

“I am an ELF by heart, mind, blood and soul.”

“How can I be tired of being an ELF, if I get not just 1 smile but 15 sweet smiles”

“Super Junior is my addiction”

“Super and Junior are two ordinary words. But when it combined, it has an extraordinary meaning.”

“Super Junior is not the most perfect group and ELF is either. But being together makes us be perfect.”

“It’s not hard to fall in love with Super Junior. Actually it’s the easiest thing to do.”

“If you can’t accept Zhoumi and Henry don’t call yourself as an E.L.F.”


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